List of Acronyms



ADA - American Disabilities Act


AW - American Whitewater


CDF - California Department of Forestry


CDFG - California Department of Fish and Game


CDWR - California Department of Water Resources


CEQA - California Environmental Quality Act


CSPA - California Sportsfishing Protection Alliance


CWA - Clean Water Act


DEIR - Draft Environmental Report


DEIS - Draft Environmental Statement


FEIS - Final Environmental Statement


FERC - Federal Energy Regulatory Commission


ERC- Ecological Resource Committee


LAWLF - Lake Almanor Water Level and Flow


MMC - Mountain Meadows Conservancy


MOU - Memorandum of Understanding


NEPA - National Environmenta Policy Act


NPS - National Park Service


NRCS - National Resources Conservation Service


PG&E - Pacific Gas & Electric Co.


RRMP - Recreation Resource Management Plan


SWRCB - California Water Resource Control Board


USFS, FS - United States Forest Service


2105LG, Project 2105 Licensing Group - was called the Project 2105 Committee and now called the 2105 Working Group






cfs - cubic feet per second


ac-ft - acre feet, the volume of water contained in an acre of water, 1 foot deep.