April 27, 2005  2105 Licensing Group Meeting Materials


Draft Agenda


Meeting Notes

Alternative B  - Swapping Powerhouse Flows

Assessment of High Instream Flow Releases Through the Canyon Dam Low-Level Outlet developed by Bechtel

NFFR temperature profiles developed by Scott Tu of PG&E

High Seneca flow releases scenarios description developed by Scott Tu

Alternative C  - Mechanical Options

Arial view of possible cooling unit located at the Belden Tunnel Adit presented by Tom Jereb

Revised Evaluation of Alternatives to Provide Cooler Water to the NFFR presented by Tom Jereb

Alternative D  - Upstream Restoration

Final Draft Upper Watershed Rehabilitation developed by Leah Wills of Plumas County

Comments made by Bob Orange at a FERC Project 2105 hearing regarding enhancement of fisheries in the NFFR

Note:  Alternatives B through D are alternatives to A, the Thermal Curtain