2105 Licensing Group Meeting

10:00am 3:30pm

Thursday, February 16, 2006

PG&E Downtown Office, Large Conference Room

350 Salem Street

Chico, CA

NOTE: Public pay parking across the street from office on Salem Street.  Please come to the side door on 4th Street to access the building.


Call-in Number: 1-866-489-0573, password *4159731646*

You must enter the star both before and after the password



10:00am Call to Order


10:20 11:30 Status of CEQA Work


11:30 12:00 Status of PG&E Request for Admin. Hearings with Forest Service - Disputed Facts and Alternative Conditions

12:00 12:45 LUNCH


12:45 1:15 Update on Draft Revision to Federal Clean Water Act Section 303(d) Listing - Feather River listing for mercury and temperature


1:15 1:30 FERC approval of Marvin Alexander Beach Day Use Area


1:30 2:30 PG&E Testing of Canyon Dam Outlet Tower Gates


2:30 3:15 Discussion of potential impacts from ERC, Poe, and Oroville fish passage discussions/decisions on 2105 Settlement Agreement and license


3:15 3:30 Next Steps March meeting?