February 8, 2005  2105 Licensing Subgroup Meeting Documents

This page contains documents that were made available to the 2105 Licensing Group subgroup meeting on February 8 in Sacramento.  All of these documents are in draft form and subject to change.


Information presented by Mike Kossow who is reviewing the potential downstream temperature benefits that could be obtained from upstream watershed improvements.

East Branch NF Feather River Watershed Information 

East Branch NF Feather River stream miles, elevations and temperatures

East Branch NF Feather River Watershed size, discharge, and temperatures

Information provided by Stu Running of PG&E.  The river segments and miles are based on an EPA river designation system that gives each major segment of a river between major tributary's a unique number (i.e., the North Fork Feather River between the East Branch and Belden PH at Yellow Creek is segment 12 and between the East Branch and Canyon Dam is segment 13)   Each segment starts at 0.0 miles and increases in 1 mile increments moving upstream. 

Upper NF Feather River EPA river segments and river miles