Project 2105 License Group (2105LG) Approved Meeting Summary – July 31, 2003


Call to order: Patti Kroen, Facilitator at 9:00 a.m.


Attendees:  See Attachment 1 for list of attendees.  Participants approved the July 31, 2003 meeting agenda and noted some potential re-ordering that might be necessary depending on key participant availability.  The 2105LG reviewed revisions to the July 24, 2003 meeting summary provided by Bill Dennison and Sharon Stohrer.  Bill requested that ‘Red River Lumber properties’ be changed to Red River Lumber Co. Deed’.  The Facilitator read comments submitted by Sharon to clarify under Action Item #37 that proposed language being developed by Harry Williamson is intended as an amendment to the license application and additional language being developed by the Whitewater sub-sub group is intended for inclusion in the Settlement Agreement.  She also added a sentence to describe the acknowledgement made by several participants at the July 24th meeting that some resource actions such as potential temperature control measures may require adaptive management and monitoring with an oversight program under a future license.  Tom Jereb corrected the spelling of John Mudre. The 2105LG approved the July 24, 2003 meeting summary with the suggested revisions.


Action Items – Review:

Action Item # 24: Boilerplate sections will be distributed by PG&E at today’s meeting.


Action Item #25: Related to drafting sections for the proposed settlement agreement; will be discussed later in this meeting – see discussion below.


Action Item #33: Regarding resolution of water quality monitoring program issues, a meeting is scheduled for August 11 with a report to the 2105LG on August 28; PG&E (Charlie White) is working on securing a location for the meeting.


Action Items #35 and 36: Regarding airport expansion plans and transfer of electronic map files to John Mintz, Tom Hunter is following up on these and will attend the afternoon session of this meeting. 


Action Item #39:  PG&E distributed water quality and flow data CDs to 2105LG participants that requested the information at the 2105LG July 24th meeting and offered to provide additional copies to interested participants on request.


Action Item #40: Revisions to the Enforcement section will be made and the draft distributed in advance of the August 15th 2105LG meeting.


Action Item #41:  Bruce McGurk is running the proposed flow revisions and should have them this week.  He is also providing additional charts as requested by Plumas County.


Tom Jereb reported that FERC responded to the request for a delay by agreeing to give the 2105LG until October 1, 2003 to submit a settlement agreement, recognizing that such a schedule fits with their schedule and doesn’t require any filing postponements by FERC. The 2105LG reiterated the need to work hard to meet the schedule.


LAWLAF Discussion:

The 2105LG reviewed the June 24th discussion of the LAWLAF presentation and clarified a concern expressed at that time.  Jerry Mensch had requested that any additional proposals for flow schedules consider the attribute tables and provide supporting information to justify the proposal.  Wayne Dyok noted the value of getting experts in on discussions of alternative flow schedules and suggested that Tom Payne may be useful in helping to assess the results of the IFIM study he performed and how those results translate to the stream reach ecology.  Bill Dennison asked if LAWLAF could review the County’s most recent proposal against the attribute tables to predict how the ecosystem would respond. He explained that the County is interested to see how lake levels respond and how resources would react with flows that are higher than current values but not as high as LAWLAF recommendations. 


The 2105LG discussed desired habitat conditions and Mike Taylor offered that the habitat could provide more variation than currently exists.  He suggested that gravel movement, bank cutting and other processes are absent and the habitat is too consistent.  Mike noted that a goal of the Sierra Nevada Framework is richness and diversity and added that the FS is treating Seneca and Belden reaches differently because the IFIM results and the fishery management activities differ for each reach.  The 2105LG discussed if any flow suggestions would really result in species diversity and richness.  Mike Taylor acknowledged that there is probably nothing critical that needs to be fixed in these river reaches however there may be actions that could be taken to provide a habitat component that is missing.  The group identified some potential options such as vegetation removal and artificial structure placement such as large woody debris, root wads, boulders, etc. that might increase the value of fish habitat.


The 2105LG discussed the elements considered by LAWLAF during the development of flow recommendations including: a 20 degree C temperature target, adult rainbow habitat, reservoir elevation and timing, winter pulse flows, cold water pool, dynamic flow regime, shape of natural hydrograph, power generation, angling and other recreation activities.


The 2105LG reviewed the summary table provided by LAWLAF (Attachment 2) and Stu Running noted that the reported 80% PHABSIM value included in the summary table is incorrect and should be lower.  LAWLAF will provide revised tables including results of the latest modeling efforts from PG&E at the August 15th 2105LG meeting.  LAWLAF will also provide additional rationale for flow recommendations, quantifying whenever possible.  Tom Jereb is evaluating the multiple dry year condition and will work on draft language.


PG&E updated the 2105LG on the status of the Prattville curtain.  The physical model study is complete and the report is being written.  A numerical model is also being developed.  The curtain will be used only during certain seasons and is not expected to have a significant impact on pond smelt supply to Butt Valley.


Whitewater Update:

Mike Taylor provided an update on activities of the Whitewater sub-sub group and explained that the planned field trip was literally blocked by a rockslide rendering Highway 70 impassable above Rogers Flat last Friday.  The objective was to identify access and safety issues along the Belden Reach and the intent is to reschedule the trip. Mike Condon noted that the FS has not changed their position with regard to summer pulse flows for whitewater boating however the final resolution will likely be tempered by the SWRCB actions related to 401certification. The next LAWLAF/Whitewater meetings are scheduled for August 5th, August 12th, and August 19th.


Draft Sections Update:

The 2105LG reviewed the draft language prepared by Wayne Dyok for Lake Almanor Water Levels (Attachment 3) and identified several revisions to better organize the sections.  Tom Jereb explained the operations and water deliveries from Lake Almanor as they relate to the 500,000 acre-feet of dead storage and the water right PG&E is expected to exercise every five years.  PG&E is uncomfortable with a minimum absolute number as included in the draft language because PG&E needs the flexibility to access the 500,000 acre-feet of dead storage if necessary.  He pointed out that PG&E did reach the 500,000 acre-feet level in 1977 and was prepared to draw below that if 1978 was a dry year.  Plumas County believes that a minimum level or end-of-year target is an important concept.  Wayne Dyok agreed to add a section describing PG&E’s ability to exercise their water right.  Tom Jereb said that he would have Bruce McGurk review the language and suggest revisions to increase PG&E’s comfort level.


The 2105LG discussed the release of flow information from Lake Almanor to be used by Plumas County in monitoring project operations. PG&E stated their inability to release such information in real-time for competitive reasons and questioned the need for the data.  The 2105 Committee members will confer with Wayne Dyok regarding the information request.  Bill Dennison confirmed that the ‘committee’ referenced in Section 8.0 refers to a County-appointed body.


Bill Zemke distributed two versions of the boilerplate section revised from the Rock Creek-Cresta Settlement by PG&E, one indicating the changes in redline/strikeout and the second version with the changes accepted (Attachments 4 and 5).  Bill reminded the participants that this language has been accepted by many of the same participants already so it should be familiar and comfortable.  PG&E will distribute electronic copies of the boilerplate documents.


The 2105LG discussed development of the settlement agreement language and reviewed the document sections and assignments. The 2105LG combined the lake level and operation sections and added Natural Hazard Plan, Whitewater reserve clause, and Monitoring Plans. 

The revised document sections and assignments are:

Water Temperature                   Tu/Taylor

Operations /Lake Level              PG&E /Dyok              

Water Quality                            Goodman/Seandel

Flow Schedule                           LAWLAF

Whitewater Reserve Clause        LAWLAF/Whitewater

Natural Hazard Plan                  Zemke

Wetland/Riparian                      Mensch

SMP/RMP                               Mintz/Plumas County

Monitoring Plan

Boilerplate sections                    PG&E



Next Steps - Focus for Next Meeting:

The Facilitator reminded participants that the next 2105LG meeting is scheduled for August 15, 2003 at the Holiday Inn in Chico.  The meeting agenda is expected to include continued discussion of flow schedule proposals with revised tables, additional rationale, and modeling results pending information from Bruce McGurk and Scott Tu.  PG&E will bring revised Natural Hazards Plan back for review.  The August 15th agenda will also include a discussion of the specific zoning issues and potential inconsistencies identified during review of detailed County maps to finalize the RMP/SMP. 


PG&E and the FS reported on discussions they have had related to the partnering concept briefly discussed early in the 2105LG process.  The FS has provided information to PG&E regarding suggested campground improvements and PG&E has been evaluating the improvements for cost and possible impact to other recreation commitments identified in the license application.  Tom Jereb acknowledged that the proposed east shore campground could be re-evaluated in light of the FS proposal.  Plumas County strongly objected to discussions of this type occurring outside of the collaborative process and pointed out how detrimental the perception of secret deals is to a collaborative process.  The 2105LG agreed to discuss the issue at the August 15th 2105LG meeting and the FS will distribute to the collaborative any documents that would be helpful to understanding the FS proposal in advance of that meeting.  CDFG stated their desire to ensure that any campground improvements include bear-proofing measures and reiterated their interest in sharing the cost for fish stocking at Lake Almanor with PG&E.


The 2105LG agreed to discuss oversight at the August 28th 2105LG meeting as well as water quality monitoring draft language, and Whitewater flow document progress. 


Action Items

q      Action Item 43:  LAWLAF will provide revised tables including results of the latest modeling efforts from PG&E at the August 15th 2105LG meeting.  LAWLAF will also provide additional rationale for flow recommendations, quantifying whenever possible. 

Due Date: August 15, 2003


q      Action Item 44: PG&E will distribute electronic copies of the boilerplate documents.

Due Date:  August 15, 2003.


q      Action Item 45: FS will distribute to the collaborative any documents that would be helpful to understanding the FS recreation proposal.

Due Date:  Before August 15, 2003.




Upcoming 2105LG meeting dates and tentative locations:


Date                                                                                 Location         

August 5                 Whitewater                               FS, Oroville, 9am – 3pm

August 12               LAWLAF                                 Sacramento, 9am-3pm

August 15               2105LG                                    Holiday Inn, Chico, 9am-3:30pm

August 19               Whitewater                               Sacramento, 9am-3pm

August 28               2105LG                                    PG&E office, Rio Lindo, Chico, 9am-3:30pm

September 11         2105LG                                     Holiday Inn, Chico, 9am-3:30pm

September 29         2105LG                                     PG&E office, Rio Lindo, Chico, 9am-3:30pm

Attachment 1:                         List of Attendees


Bill Box                                      Fly Fishing guide

Ryan Burnett                              Point Reyes Bird Observatory

Michael Condon                          USFS

Ron Davey                                 Resident

Bill Dennison                              Plumas County Supervisor       

Wayne Dyok*                             MWH              

Robert Hughes*                           CDFG

Tom Hunter                                 Plumas County

Tom Jereb                                    PG&E

Patti Kroen                                  Kroen

Ken Kundargi*                             CDFG

Bob Lambert                                2105 Committee

Steve Robinson                            Mountain Meadows Conservancy

Stu Running                                 PG&E

Steven Schoenberg*                     FWS

Aaron Seandel                              2105 Committee

Mike Taylor                                 USFS

Mike Willhoit                                2105 Committee

Harry Williamson                         NPS

Bill Zemke                                   PG&E



* Via telephone




Attachment 2: Summary table provided by LAWLAF (Provided as part of presentation to June 26th 2105LG meeting summary)



Attachment 3: Draft Article _ Lake Almanor Water Levels (hardcopy available on request)


Attachment 4: Boilerplate Section from Rock Creek-Cresta – Version Showing Revisions (PG&E will send under separate cover – Action Item #44)



Attachment 5: Boilerplate Section from Rock Creek-Cresta – Clean Version (PG&E will send under separate cover – Action Item #44)