Project 2105 License Group (2105LG) Draft Meeting Summary

June 21, 2004


Call to order: Patti Kroen, Facilitator at 9:00 a.m.


Attendees:  See Attachment 1 for list of attendees.  The 2105LG approved the draft agenda for the meeting without change.  New participants to the collaborative were encouraged to become familiar with the 2105LG collaborative’s adopted protocols.  Copies were available at the meeting.


LAWLAF Update:  Noted remaining task of subcommittee is preparation of the rationale document.  Currently in rough draft form, the document will explain the reasoning for the decisions contained within the settlement agreement language.  There is no firm deadline for completion of this document however it should be provided to FERC before the end of their environmental review period.  LAWLAF expects to complete the task in the next few months.


Public Meeting Presentation and De-Brief:  Tom Jereb provided a quick review of slides he presented at a public meeting in Chester on May 24, 2004 focused on water temperature and the Prattville modification alternatives.  Over 70 questions or comments were made at the public meeting and PG&E intends to answer all of the questions asked.  The following points were noted and/or discussed by the 2105LG:


·        Many comments and questions at the public meeting focused on the definition of ‘reasonable’ as applied to measures to be undertaken by PG&E to achieve cold water ‘targets’.

·        All data related to the decisions made during the Rock Creek-Cresta settlement negotiations need to be available to Plumas County to understand fishery alternatives, enhancements and decisions.

·        Meeting locations away from Lake Almanor may preclude local involvement on a regular basis.

·        Opposition from the local community and landowners to the Prattville modifications will be enormous and could cost PG&E millions to pursue.

·        There is insufficient room in the project area for the footprint needed to construct cooling towers sized to meet the need.

·        The 1-2º Centigrade (C) temperature reduction estimated at Rock Creek-Crests was determined using the first and second, 5-year flow values from the Rock Creek-Cresta 1962 settlement agreement.

·        PG&E is keeping local legislators’ offices updated on studies and additional information.

·        Lake Almanor lake levels are included in the 2105 Settlement Agreement and are not expected to change through additional cold water investigations. SWRCB confirmed that in theory it could happen however no reason to change collaborative direction.  Competing beneficial uses may make compromises necessary.

·        PG&E has provided SWRCB staff with water temperature modeling presentation from previous 2105LG meeting.

·        Regarding CEQA for 401 Certification, PG&E will contract via an MOU for a third-party contractor to prepare the CEQA document for SWRCB.  FERC document may not have level of detail necessary for SWRCB action on the 401 Certification; SWRCB anticipates a complete CEQA analysis with full review periods.


The 2105LG collaborative agreed to continue meeting in Chico with additional regularly scheduled public meetings conducted by PG&E and the facilitator in Chester to update the local stakeholders.  Public meetings will also be scheduled for evenings in Chico.  SWRCB noted the CEQA process would include meetings in the project locale.

Next Public Water Temperature Meetings:

July 27, 2004            Chester            6-9pm

July 28, 2004            Chico               6-9pm


Water Temperature:  PG&E presented same water temperature presentation provided to SWRCB on June 7, 2004.  See Attachment 2 for details of presentation.  The following points were noted and/or discussed by the 2105LG:


·        Curtain 4 with the levees removed modeled a 5ºC reduction in August.

·        Options under consideration at Butt Valley reservoir include downstream curtain to pull cold water into both Caribou 1 and 2 intakes and an upstream curtain to force cold water deeper into the reservoir.

·        Results of 33-year simulation with curtains in Butt Valley show 0.7ºC improvement for the downstream curtain and 0.4ºC improvement with the upstream curtain for a total improvement of just over 1ºC.

·        With 19ºC target release temperature for Butt Valley Reservoir: current conditions meet that target in August 0% of the time; modeling with Almanor curtain (Prattville) indicates 19ºC is met 40% of the time; with both Almanor and Butt Valley curtains, 19ºC is met 70% of the time.

·        Curtains cost approximately $10 million/curtain.  To address additional dissolved oxygen (DO) question, other costs may be involved.

·        At approximately 4480’, the Prattville curtain looses effectiveness because the thermocline would be down to the level of the intake.

·        Difficult to compare the Upper North Fork to the Middle Fork reach because while water temperatures are warmer in the Middle Fork, the fish there have the ability to move unimpeded by barriers to seek cooler temperature water.

·        Benefits and impacts to both the downstream fishery and the upstream and lake fishery need to be disclosed.

·        PG&E noted that adjustment for Butt Valley temperatures upward of 1ºC is needed when using the SNTEMP model and curves.

·        Next steps: conduct field measurements to quantify inflow mixing at the head of Butt Valley Reservoir to improve calibration of MITEMP model.  Also evaluate the effectiveness of using Caribou 1 on a preferential basis.


Fisheries Update:  PG&E provided hard copies of the Interim Report, Prattville Intake Modification and Potential Impacts to Lake Almanor Fishery Study (hard copy available on request) and provided a presentation to describe the study results. See Attachment 3 for details of presentation.  The following points were noted and/or discussed by the 2105LG:


·        Study objectives included impact on lake salmonids from changes in lake temperature and DO; impacts to mayfly; impacts to pond smelt; and impacts predicted or reported at other reservoirs with temperature control devices.

·        0.5ºC increase in surface temperature does not appear to be a significant issue due to the wide variation of temperatures from year to year

·        Predicted reduction in salmonid habitat in Lake Almanor in August is 25-30%.  Future study would be necessary to determine if this would result in reduction of future fish populations.

·        0.5ºC increase in surface temperature is not expected to significantly alter or increase algal blooms.  Noted that 2003 experienced algal problems with warmer than average water surface temperatures approaching 25ºC.

·        Mayfly hatch and habitat does not appear to be significantly impacted.  Concern is that trout population has decreased.

·        Unknown what quantity of pond smelt need be delivered to Butt Valley to maintain current fishery.  Could be significant reduction in pond smelt entrainment through Prattville with the curtain and levee modifications.

·        Information from other reservoirs with temperature control devices does not appear to be useful for Lake Almanor circumstances.

·        Dredging impacts need to be evaluated; water quality questions.

·        Further investigations suggested include summertime telemetry study to determine habitat utilization by salmonids, hydro-acoustic survey for pond smelt, application of bioenergetics techniques, and an evaluation of effects on aquatic habitat downstream of Lake Almanor from cooler water temperatures during the summer months. 


PG&E provided a draft study proposal for a Temperature-Conditioned Relative Suitability Index for PG&E’s North Fork Feather River Hydroelectric Projects (copies available on request), designed to better understand how the thermal curtain might affect downstream riverine habitat.  The 2105LG agreed to review the proposal and provide comments to PG&E.  The contractor is expected to need a few weeks to complete the effort and could have results by the end of July 2004.


Shoreline Management Plan Comments:  Both Plumas County and Forest Service will provide comments to PG&E.  Plumas County is primarily interested in the language describing the Bailey Creek area.


Next Steps - Focus for Next Meeting:

The 2105LG noted that the next meeting should include discussion of exactly what the agencies need in order to make their decision regarding the water temperature issue and the Prattville modification in particular.  Also, the 2105LG should develop a decision-making process, using the recent ERC outline as a model.  PG&E will provide a summary of what information is currently available relative to the temperature modifications.  Where the fish are in Lake Almanor remains an unknown. The 2105LG agreed to the following upcoming meeting dates and locations:

Date                                                                   Location          Time

August 2                        2105LG                         Chico (TBD)     9am – 4pm



Attachment 1:                       List of Attendees


Kent Ahlswede                        Property owner

Marvin Alexander                    2105 Committee

Dawn Alvarez                         USFS

Carson Cox (phone)                 CDFG

Fred Davis                              Property owner

Bill Dennison                           Plumas County Supervisor

Dale Dawson (phone)               Anglers Committee

Wayne Dyok                           MWH

Mac Hinman                           Property owner

Robert Hughes                        CDFG

Tom Jereb                              PG&E

C. William Johnson                 Property owner

Patti Kroen                             Kroen

Bob Lambert                           2105 Committee

Pat Lynch                               Property owner

Patty Lynch                            Property owner

Pete Mannerino                       Property owner

Dick Marskey                         Property owner

Bruce McGurk                        PG&E

Cade Miller                             Property owner

Paris Moore                            Property owner

T. Motta                                 Property owner

Philip Price                              Property owner

Lisa Randle                             PG&E

Aaron Seandel                         2105 Committee

Ron Selkirk                             Property owner

Fred Shanks                            Property owner

Terri Simon-Jackson                USFS

Don Spring                              Property owner

Sharon Stohrer                         SWRCB

Mike Taylor                            USFS

Scott Tu                                 PG&E

Daryl Vanella                          Property owner

Vance Vanella                         Property owner

Janet Walther                          PG&E

Mike Wilhoit                           2105 Committee

Ed Wing                                 Property owner

Bill Zemke                              PG&E

Jerry Zimmers                        Property owner


Attachment 2 - Scott Tu Water Temperature Presentation ( 1,395)


Attachment 3 - Interim Report, Prattville Intake Modification and Potential Impacts to Lake Almanor Fishery Study 


Attachment 4 - Bill Dennision email to Patti Kroen