Almanor Basin Forum

May 24, 2004

6:30 p.m.

Chester Memorial Hall

Chester, CA



Will There Be Impacts To Lake Almanor

If Larger Volumes Of  Cold Water Are Removed

To Enhance Fish Habitat Downstream?


6:30 p.m.               Call To Order—Meeting Facilitator                                                         Plumas County Supervisor Bill Dennison


Introduction:  Tom Jereb –PG&E FERC Coordinator

                        Sharon Stohrer—SWRCB (Invited)

                        Mike Taylor—USFS Hydrologist

                        Wayne Dyok—Plumas County Consultant on 2105 issues.

                                      Paul Garrido—Lake Almanor Fishing Association

                                       2105 Committee Members

                                       Patti Kroen—2105 License Group Facilitator


6:45 p.m.                Purpose of Meeting—

1)     Provide a background on the FERC Project 2105April 22

      Negotiated Settlement and why it did not include

                                                 Water Temperature issues.

                                              2) Provide an understanding of who is requesting

                                                water temperatures be reduced in the lower Feather River and

                                                  their reasons.

                                              3) Present some of the proposals being considered to reduce

                                                  water temperatures down stream

                                              4) Answer basic questions pertaining to the water temperature





  1) Accomplishments under the April 22 Negotiated Settlement?                                                 Dennison


 2) The driving forces for reduction of water temperatures?                                                 Dennison/Jereb


 3) Water Model developed at Iowa Institute of Hydraulic Research.                                                    Jereb


 4) Basic concepts/proposals for making the reductions.                                                       Jereb/Dennison


5) Issues of importance to Lake Almanor residents and fishermen.                          Dennison/Paul Garrido


6) Important issues for Butt Reservoir fishermen.                                                     Dennison/Paul Garrido


7) Other issues                                                                                                                                       Dennison


7:45 p.m. Question and Answer Period


8:15 p.m. Set dates for follow-up meetings.


8:30 p.m. Adjourn