Project 2105 License Group (2105LG) Approved Meeting Summary – November 25, 2002


Call to order: Bill Dennison, Plumas County Supervisor at 9 a.m.


Attendees:  See Attachment 1 for list of attendees. Attendees approved the October 28, 2002 meeting summary.


Report from Facilitator Sub-Committee: Bill Dennison reported that the Facilitator Sub-Committee reviewed the qualifications and rates for three candidates and, based on her regional and local experience and her rate is recommending the collaborative hire Patti Kroen as our facilitator. Tom Jereb added that PG&E will finance the costs for Ms. Kroen’s services and has initially funded a contract for $50,000 that can be revisited if necessary.  Ms. Kroen’s tasks were described as follows:

Develop agendas



Patti was introduced to facilitate the remainder of the meeting and made the following commitments to the 2105LG participants as an advocate for the collaborative process:

In turn, she expects the group to:


The Facilitator reviewed the status of Project 2105 and reiterated that the Application was filed in October, which initiated a 60-day comment period.  Comments are due December 23, 2002.

Protocols Discussion

A draft protocol was prepared by the Protocols Sub-Committee and distributed to the participants in advance of the meeting for review.  The group discussed the role of confidentiality in this process and agreed that the process is not confidential but there may be aspects of a settlement negotiation that demand participants to trust each other and not ‘try the issues’ in the media. 


      Action Item 1:  Mike Taylor of the Protocols Sub-Committee will draft additional language to revise the draft protocols to include an additional ‘not for attribution’ statement to be included under the personal conduct section of the protocols, and a discussion about the meeting summary/document distribution.  Participants will review the revised protocol prior to the December 18th meeting and provide specific comments at the December 18th meeting.

Due Date:  December 11, 2002

Defining Consensus

The group discussed a definition for consensus as an acceptance or agreement that the stakeholders “can live with it”.  They discussed how a dissenting opinion would be handled and there was general agreement that one stakeholder should not be able to stop an agreement that was suitable to all other stakeholders.  The group discussed the need for a dispute resolution process and some suggested this was assuming a negative outcome.  Jerry Mensel will provide possible language to Mike Taylor regarding dispute resolution. 

Report from Vision Statement Sub-Committee

The Sub-committee distributed a vision statement in advance of the meeting for review.  The group discussed the draft statement and after a few revisions agreed on the vision statement.


“The goal of the Upper North Fork Feather River relicensing group is to identify and evaluate project impacts on affected social, economic, and natural resources, and develop and propose project conditions that equally consider the uses of the affected resources consistent with existing applicable laws and regulations as well as current and anticipated societal values.”

PG&E Temperature Model Presentation

Scott Tu discussed temperature modeling activities conducted by PG&E since 1981 related to the North Fork Feather River, ranging from 1-D mathematical models used to develop the curtain wall concept to 3-D models currently under construction that will be used to evaluate flow conditions.  He explained that output from the model designed to predict the thermocline in Lake Almanor fits well with observed temperature data and this 1-D model can be used with various inputs to evaluate the effects of different operational scenarios.  Scott added that Hamilton Branch modeling is proceeding but no work is currently being done on Butt Valley. While different scenarios for water flow from Mt. Meadows will be considered, Scott did not feel it would be a large impact. The magnitude of that impact can be determined through sensitivity testing.

Lake Almanor Water Level and Flow Committee (LAWLAF)

A committee was formed to identify issues and scope related to water levels and flows downstream of the project and make recommendations to the full 2105LG for alternative scenarios to be fed into the models.


LAWLAF Committee:

Scott Lu, PG&E

Sharon Stohrer, SWRCB

Christi Goodman, Plumas County

To be named later, USFS

Jerry Mensel, CSPA

Robert Hughes, CDFG

Scheduled Meeting Date/Time: January 14, 9am – 2pm at USFS Office, Oroville

Stakeholder Preliminary Comments on PG&E Application

Some stakeholders were just starting their review so were not ready to share preliminary comments.  Stakeholders offered the following preliminary comments and concerns:

Outline of Milestone Decisions

Wayne Dyok provided information about the FERC process and provided a potential relicensing schedule (Attachment 2).  He indicated that settlement fits into the process in July 2003, which is not realistic so the group should target Fall 2003.  Wayne noted that FERC has not made it a practice to grant any extension requests.  Tom Jereb reported that PG&E hopes to have the Hamilton Branch draft application in January 2003 with a final amendment in mid-2003. 


The group discussed the most efficient way to plan their time between now and the deadlines and considered use of the matrix that identifies ecosystem attributes or resources and drivers by month (distributed with October 28, 2002 meeting summary).  The group identified the following issue areas: terrestrial issues/wetlands; cultural issues, water level/flows/diversions/water quality; recreation; water levels and recreation issues in both the reservoir and river; geomorphic and suggested that PG&E could provide resource specific presentations.  The group suggested that the next meeting include a discussion of the resource/time matrix and a resource-specific presentation of the river ecology.



Agenda for Next Meeting: December 18, 2002

The group set the framework for the next two agendas.  The following items are scheduled for discussion at the next meeting:

Review revisions to Protocol

Resource/Time Matrix Discussion

Resource-Specific Discussion – River Ecology

Adaptive Management Considerations

Schedule meetings for next 6 months

The following items are scheduled for discussion at the January 27th meeting:

Hamilton Branch

Additional Studies

Focus and provide priority and schedule for issues

Collaborative Name Discussion


Attachment 1:  List of Attendees

Bill Zemke                  PG&E                

Patti Kroen                  Kroen                

Craig Bolger               PG&E                

Tom Jereb                   PG&E                

Ken Kundargi              DFG                  

Janet Walther              PG&E                

Mike Taylor                USFS                 

Mike Meinz                 DFG                  

Robert Hughes            DFG                   

Kevin Lewis                AW                    

Harry Williamson       NPS                   

Jerry Mensch               CSPA                

Michael Condon          USFS                 

Christi Goodman         Plumas Co.        

Tom Hunter                 Plumas Co.        

Eric Theiss                  NMFS               

John Mintz                   PG&E                

Wayne Dyok                MWH                

Stephen Reynolds        CGS                  

Steve Robinson           MMC                 

Jeremy Peconom         Honey Lake Maidu

Scott Tu                       PG&E               

Mark HennellyCa.       Waterfowl Assn

Bob Baiocchi*            Anglers Comm. 

Sharon Stohrer*           SWRCB           

* Participated via teleconference

Attachment 2:

Upper North Fork Feather River Project

FERC Project 2105

Potential Relicensing schedule