Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Statement on Thermal Curtain for Lake Almanor


PG&E has clearly heard the community’s request that PG&E comment on the prospects for a floating thermal curtain in Lake Almanor.  Based on studies and information to date, PG&E does not anticipate recommending a floating thermal curtain in Lake Almanor as a reasonable control measure for reducing downstream water temperatures in the North Fork Feather River.  PG&E expects to issue a report in early 2005 evaluating more than twenty potential water temperature reduction alternatives it has studied.


Studies and information to date indicate a floating thermal curtain in Lake Almanor:


·        Is technically feasible

·        Would reduce water temperatures in the Rock Creek and Cresta reaches (approximately 23 miles downstream from Lake Almanor) 1 to 2 degrees Celsius

·        Would reduce cold water habitat in Lake Almanor and fish production in Butt Valley Reservoir

·        Is strongly opposed by Lake Almanor area residents

·         Would be very costly forthe benefits achieved