Goal 1


Implement Recreation Resource Management and Shoreline Management elements incrementally, if the license is delayed beyond the 2004 renewal date.


To avoid the long delays in implementing needed improvements to Project 2105 that other relicensing projects, like Rock Creek-Cresta have experienced.

Goal 2


Manage Water Level for Optimum Recreational Opportunities


Maintain a minimum water level of 4485' elevation during the recreation season - memorial Day through Labor Day - when precipitation conditions allow.

Continue the practice of the past 15 years, during which the Water Level Committee and Licensee (e.g. PG&E)  met at lest annually to discuss the manageable conditions of the water level for the coming season.

Goal 3


Improve access to Lake Almanor


Embody the agreement points of the "Red River Deed" into the license and all management plans.

Construct a lake access point in close proximity to Chester

Allow public agencies to utilize environmentally acceptable corridors for public use on Licensee lands including between 4494' and 4500' public recreation use.

Inventory and recommend and finance improvements to ramps (including private ramps) in order to make all ramps usable during increased variations in the lake brought about by drought and generation supply problems.

Improve cooperation with property owners for permitting for such needs as tree trimming and modification to shoreline and establish procedures for the same which will be clear, fair, and applied equally to all applicants.

Goal 4


Improve Recreation Facilities


Construct three additional recreation facilities of approximately 40 acres each; one providing Chester access to Lake Almanor, one the East Shore and one at Butt Valley Reservoir.

Recreation facilities would include:

  • ADA accessibility at one site on Lake Almanor and one at Butt Valley Reservoir.

  • Parking and public launch ramps with low water capabilities.

  • Convert Canyon Dam trailer park to public recreational vehicle facility.

  • Rehabilitate Caribou Clubhouse for operation as a conference center/lodging operation for the economic benefit of Plumas County.

  • Participate, using PG&E land where needed, in the multi-agency project to complete a bicycle trail around Lake Almanor (From Canyon Dam to Highway 89 on the West Shore of Lake Almanor).

  • Designated Swim Area

  • Shoreline fishing access with 1000' of "no wake" boating restrictions.

  • ADA accessible fish cleaning stations.

Establish a cultural interpretive center including local Native American role in the area.

Consult with Maidu interest groups.

Native plants and harvesting areas.

Cultural learner center/museum.

Repatriation of artifacts to families.

Withhold from disposing any Licensee land in the project area until the license renewal is complete.

Goal 5


Develop, implement and effectively manage a comprehensive recreation safety plan.


Conduct annual helicopter fly-over to locate and map floating and submerged hazards.

Regular removal of floating and anchored hazards.

Provide highly visible marker buoys for identifying hazards that cannot be removed.

Develop complete underwater charts for the lake, showing hazards that will emerge at various lake levels.

Provide supplies of the "variable-water-level" charts at primary locations throughout the project boundary.

Install and maintain strobe lights at islands and tip of the Peninsula and other hazardous locations.

Maintain all Licensee Forest lands within one mile of the shoreline to USFS/CDF fuel break standards.

Provide increased fires protection capacity (additional emergency water tank, well and hydrants) at the hill above Prattville hydro facilities to protect Licensee buildings and property and adjacent structures and property.

Goal 6


Improve Erosion Management


Licensee to justify under CEQA, the continuing erosion of private and public property under "permissible erosion agreements" (e.g "The Clifford Deed").

Licensee to assist NRCS to publish soil survey.

Reduce the spillway height at Canyon Dam to the maximum allowable water level - 4494' elevation.

Implement the use of environmental erosion controls, suggested by FERC in 1997, in place of riprap.

Goal 7


Manage Water Quality


Maintain the water quality-monitoring program for Lake Almanor.

Be a lead participant in exploring sewage treatment for the communities of the Lake Basin.

Provide Licensee land on the East Shore for a sewage treatment plant.

Provide the funding and leadership for instituting a Lake Almanor watershed management program which equals the management the Licensee has historically demonstrated for the dam and downstream water conveyance facilities.