The 2105 Licensing Group (2105 LG) was convened in late 2002 to facilitate the development of a settlement agreement on issues related to PG&E's new FERC license.  Such issues include water quality, lake levels, water releases below project dams, and improved recreation facilities.  The initial group consisted of 16 participants including PG&E, U.S. Forest Service, California Department of Fish and Game, and the 2105 Working Group as Plumas County's representative.

The 2105 LG initially developed protocols that set forth a collaborative process in which the participants agreed to conduct a series of meetings to negotiate an agreement.  On April 22, 2004 negotiations on the Settlement Agreement were complete and the agreement was signed by the parties.  A summary of the Settlement Agreement is available here and Settlement Agreement Documents are here.

Several issues were not resolved by the Settlement Agreement, most notably the issue of downstream water temperatures and the possibility of a Thermal Curtain.




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